Nidana for Healthcare and Medical Billing

We help the healthcare industry in many ways, but one of the most important areas is medical billing and coding. This processes of translating medical services and diagnoses into standardized codes and submitting claims to insurance companies for reimbursement. These processes are complex, time-consuming, and prone to errors, which can lead to delays, denials, and losses for healthcare providers.

We provide solutions that automate, streamline, and optimize medical billing and coding, using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and cloud computing. Some of the benefits of using software solutions for medical billing and coding include:

  • Faster and more accurate coding of medical services and diagnoses, using natural language processing and machine learning to extract relevant information from clinical documentation and assign the appropriate codes.
  • Easier and more efficient submission of claims to insurance companies, using cloud-based platforms that integrate with various payers and systems, and automate the verification, validation, and transmission of claims data.
  • Enhanced tracking and management of claims status, using artificial intelligence and analytics to monitor the progress of claims, identify and resolve errors or issues, and optimize the reimbursement cycle.
  • Improved compliance with regulatory standards and guidelines, using software tools that update the codes and rules according to the latest changes, and provide alerts and feedback to ensure quality and accuracy.

What we specialize in?

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    Healthcare Portal

    From a simple appointment scheduler to automated claim submission and AR followup. We have the necessary tools you need.

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    Medical Comprehend

    Convert doctor medical records to diagnosis and cpt codes with just a click, integrate medical comprehend to your system to make the coding error free.

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    HL7 Integration

    If you hold a legacy system and looking to integrate a modern solution, HL7 is the common interface. We can guide you or build you a custom system for that.

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    Predictive Solutions

    Integrating AI we bring solutions that predicts the diagnosis with the symptoms that the patients exhibit. This hugely reduces the doctors time on a single patient.

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    IoT and Health

    We build over wearable solutions and use ML to track the vitals and make suggestions and alerts based on the data gathered

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    Automate the process of medical billing from intake to payment, no matter the EHR and clearing house. We have automated 15+ solutions.


Increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Accuracy and Efficiency

    Automate tasks that are prone to human error, such as coding, billing, and claim processing. This reduces the risk of delays and denials, and saves time and money for both providers and patients.

  • Patient Experience

    Personalized services for patients, such as scheduling, reminders, payment options, and feedback. Improving patient satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, and boosts the reputation of the provider.

  • Increased Revenue

    Optimize the revenue cycle management of provider, by identifying opportunities for revenue enhancement, cost reduction, and performance improvement.

  • Quality and Outcomes

    Support clinical decision making, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patients, by using data analytics, ML, and NLP. This improves the quality and outcomes of patient care, and reduces the risk of complications and errors.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

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    Data transformation

    Accelerate “Data-to-Insight-to-Action” cycle, by consuming offerings like Data-as-a-Service and Reporting-as-a-Service.

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    Digital enablement

    Drive key business outcomes, using the full service digital stack – Mosaic, Digital Jedis, and human-centered design experience.

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    Innovation partnership

    Adopt a collaborative approach to innovation, by leveraging innovation labs, future financial ecosystems, alliances & partners.


Our healchare solutions

We adhere to the HIPAA standards and protect PHI in all our applications. We choose frameworks and infrastructure which is also HIPAA compliant. Integration with FHIR and EDI/ERA is also one of our USP.


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